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Carbon nanotubes – 2

I believe this is the best song can be listened while studying carbon nanotubes 🙂  just to keep you calm Materials of 21st century. They name it like that.  We ‘ll see how effective this idea and how it

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Carbon nanotubes-1

you can read with this saguar.mp3  🙂 Well, one fine day in NEC Laboratory, Japan, electron microscopist Iijima discovered the multiwalled carbon nanotubes by using transmission electron microscopy. He was studying the arc evaporation synthesis of fullerene structures. Carbon nanotubes are the

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Introduction to Electron Microscopy – Assignment 4

It is basically a review of an article which is related to EELS spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes. It is more about electronic structure of CNTs so allthough i reviewed it, it didnt make sense a lot to me, at least

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