Carbon nanotubes – 2

I believe this is the best song can be listened while studying carbon nanotubes 🙂  just to keep you calm

Materials of 21st century. They name it like that.  We ‘ll see how effective this idea and how it will be involved in our applications for the following decade. I ‘ll ,not often,but as much as i can, share some of my experiences with carbon nanotubes, their usage and primary applications.

One of my research topics is enhancing fiber reinforced composite structures with nanophase additives. Carbon nanotubes draws special attraction because of their outstanding aspect ratio and properties from different aspects.

First to say about carbon nanotubes is their predicted theoretical termal conductivities. Youngs modulus around 1 TPa, maximum tensile strength around 30 GPa.  Of course in our laboratories, reality is always different. You never get close to these values if you are at dawn of that thing. so, without aligning and seperating them from each other, we will not see close values to theory.

Then two question arises. How to disperse carbon nanotubes and how to align them along desired direction.

Both questions are queitly challenging and there is no well established and common way to do them properly, yet. I’ll post in the upcoming post what is the challenge and why dispersion is this much problematic issue for scientists by explaining thermodynamics lays behind. For aligning issue, there are some studies which you can find at the references of my presentation, which again i’ll post on upcoming post.

keep yourself awake,  if you are on the same boat with me. 🙂





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